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Late Lynx Hunt Pt2
It was still dark out in the land of Tokotna but if you let your eyes get used to the light, you could see a warmness hinting at the sky on the horizon signaling that dawn was coming. Two sisters were camping out at the Aqtuquaq forest in the middle of their lynx hunt. Lynx were crepuscular animals meaning they were most active at dawn and dusk- exactly when these handlers decided to hunt. They weren’t alone in this hunt though. They were accompanied by a female bearmarked tokota named Kuma, Nigel the tundra yeti pup, Benji a brash but shy brown vitiligo tokota, Indi, an arrogant lilac pied curly tokota, and his falcon companion. Just a few hours before, the pack split up to hunt as Kayia rode her Nigel along with Indi, and Nausicaa handled Kuma and Benji. They agreed to meet near the north east edge of the Lake of Dreams in the center of the Aqtuquaq forest so they could camp for the night and then wake for an early hunt. However, this piercing scream woke both sisters suddenly,
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ROH the Walrus :iconfruba:Fruba 2 3 Lynx Chase :iconfruba:Fruba 6 5 Fishing Dive :iconfruba:Fruba 5 0
Late Lynx Hunt Pt1
“Please please please please please?”
“Kayia, I told you no. Stop begging, it’s quite annoying.”
“But I need your heeelp!”
“Well, sorry sweetie, but you put yourself in this situation.”
This was the sounds of a typical day between the two sisters, Kayia and Nausicaa, who bickered quite often as most siblings do, but they still always loved each other.
“I taught you that the first thing about doing pack outings was to consider personality which is exactly what you didn’t do and now you have a situation on your hands Kayia.” Nausicaa’s hazel green eyes flashed between strands of her auburn hair at her younger sister for having forgotten the advice.
Avoiding the condescending gaze, Kayia took a step back and replied, “I know, I know, I just got a bit excited and I wasn’t thinking when I scheduled them all on the same day, but it won’t happen again I promise. Can’t you just help me out for
:iconfruba:Fruba 2 3
Bear's vision ROD :iconfruba:Fruba 9 7 ROD - The landslide mission collab :iconfruba:Fruba 5 3
Seal Hunt
It was early morning and the sun was just starting to rise its rays above the land. A dark brown bearmarked tokota and her handler could be seen walking across a field listening to the birds and insects that still sung their tune at this time of day. Kayia, the young handler of Kuma, her bearmarked tokota, often spent her days being a tokota care taker of sorts. Her job was to take tokotas out for pack socialization and activities like hunting, fishing, exploring, etc. Today was going to be a day of a few firsts for her. First time she will be working with a toki- she was quite excited about it though. It would be her first time working with a sphinx tokota who was slightly aggressive, and it would be the first time she went out for a seal hunt. Well, that was the plan anyway. Kayia hoped that things wouldn’t get out of control. She looked over her review sheet of each tokota she was on her way to meet and pick up today. The first they were headed to was the one she was most conc
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Its summer break for those like me who still have school of some kind but I need a break from this 'break'. I have a fulltime job for the summer that pays like a part time and it leaves me exhausted every day working with kids and animals for 6 hours straight let alone other stuff to do. 
I tried to do different and new things with my art and it hasn't had great results so Im pretty bummed with it and frustrated so I kinda am taking a breather from it before I dive back into it. In the mean time, Im working on my online shark class.
So a few fun facts about sharks:
:bulletblue: Their reproductive organs are near/ between their shoulders @.@
:bulletblue: A shark's heart is only two chambers while ours has 4.
:bulletblue: Not really a shark fact but while calculating the relative speed of different chondrichthyans and other fish by size, it turns out a goldfish swims faster then micheal phelps- again, once you calculate with the difference of body size
:bulletblue: To eliminate osmosis, the inside fluids of a shark is actually saltier then the enviroment/ ocean.

My summer job is at a zoo and Ive been trying to do daily sketches of the animals there. The eventual goal is to draw all the animals there though I think that wont be possible for a few logistical reasons. (for example, I cant draw the jumping rat if all i see is its shadow in the nocturnal hall) 
Maybe Ill post some of those as a tokota break.
In other news, my last ferret had be put down which was really hard to do so with that plus the added stress of work and recent frustration of my art results- I need a break from this break!

What are you guys doing for the summer? Hows your break going? Do you need a breaks break? Any ideas you wanna share?
What should I be for Halloween this year? Yo, its never too early to start preparing for halloween haha

~ Fruba
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